Graduate Student Funding

Teaching Assistantship

The Department of Mathematics provides a number of teaching assistantships, with a current (2023-2024) stipend of $29,950. In addition to the stipend, TA's receive an 18 credit tuition waiver. TA's normally work 12 hours per week assisting with calculus labs, the math tutoring lab, teaching, and/or grading.

Summer Support

Additional funding may be available during the summer for those who have an approved plan of study under supervision of a faculty member.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is available through the University. Information regarding coverage and benefits can be found here.

Further Funding Opportunities at UM

The University of Miami offers fellowships and scholarships that could be an alternative or a supplement to the teaching assistantship offered by the department of mathematics. Information on these funding opportunities can be found here.


Information regarding off-campus housing is available here.

Other Information

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact