FRG Mathematical GR Workshop

University of Miami
Department of Mathematics

presents a


December 18th to December 21th, 2012
Ungar Room 402
Tuesday, December 18
9:30am Yakov Shlapentokh-Rothman (MIT), Mode Stability of Kerr
1:30pm Frans Pretorius (Princeton), High Speed scattering and Black Hole formation
2:45pm Jonathan Luk (Penn), An anisotropic trapped surface formation criterion
Wednesday, December 19
9:30am Spyros Alexakis (Toronto), Black hole uniqueness and possibilities of trapping
10:45am Jonathan Luk (Penn), Weak Null Singularities
1:30pm Shiwu Yang (Princeton), Geodesic Hypothesis in General Relativity
Thursday, December 20
9:30am Yakov Shlapentokh-Rothman (MIT), Mode instability of Kerr
10:45am Stefanos Aretakis (Princeton), Extremality, one year after
1:30pm Greg Galloway (Miami), Topological censorship from initial data point of view
2:45pm Volker Schlue (Toronto), Linear Waves on Schwarzschild de-Sitter spacetime & improved interior decay
Friday, December 21
9:30am Xinliang An (Princeton), Formation of trapped surfaces from past null infinity
10:45am Shiwu Yang (Princeton), Nonlinear wave equations on time dependent inhomogeneous background