FRG Topology Workshop 2014

Topology and Invariants of Smooth 4-manifolds

March 10-14, 2014
The Savoy Hotel, Miami Beach, FL

Organized by Nikolai Saveliev

This workshop will be held in connection with the FRG project supported by the NSF Grant DMS-1065905 "FRG: Collaborative Research: The Topology and Invariants of Smooth 4-manifolds". It will host the principal investigators on the grant and several invited researchers. The discussion will center around exotic smooth structures on small 4-manifolds, using techniques from gauge theory, symplectic topology, and Floer homology.

Among invited speakers is Dr. Robert Lipshitz from Columbia University, who will give a short course on bordered Heegaard Floer homology. Other speakers will be determined during the workshop.

The Program (morning talks begin at 9:30am)

Monday:  Li, Karakurt, Chen, Wu
Tuesday:  Lipshitz
Wednesday:  Lipshitz
Thursday:  Auckly, Kalafat, Arikan
Friday:  Ruberman, Karakurt

Participants will include:

Selman Akbulut – Michigan State University
Anar Akhmedov – University of Minnesota
Mehmet Arikan – University of Rochester
David Auckly – Kansas State University
Kenneth Baker – University of Miami
Weimin Chen – University of Massachusetts
Tedi Draghici – Florida International University
Kyle Evans-Lee – University of Miami
Mustafa Kalafat – Michigan State University
Cagri Karakurt – University of Texas
Thomas Leness – Florida International University
Tian-Jun Li – University of Minnesota
Robert Lipshitz – Columbia University
Prayat Poudel – University of Miami
Daniel Ruberman – Brandeis University
Nikolai Saveliev – University of Miami
Weiwei Wu – Michigan State University