Miami Waves, 2004

Conference on Geometric Analysis, Nonlinear Wave Equations and General Relativity

Organizing Committee: Lars Andersson (Miami), Greg Galloway (Miami), Gerhard Huisken (AEI), Jim Isenberg (Oregon), Sergiu Klainerman (Princeton), Francesco Nicolo (Rome), Igor Rodnianski (Princeton), Rick Schoen (Stanford)

The developments of the last few decades have proved that the interaction between people working on fundamental problems in Nonlinear Wave Equations, Geometric Analysis and General Relativity is extremely beneficial to all these areas. We feel that it is important at this time to facilitate the interaction between people working in these areas.

For this reason we have initiated a series of annual conferences/workshops at the University of Miami, titled Miami Waves. The inaugural meeting of the series will take place January 4-10, 2004. The conference will have a program of lectures by specialists on the current state of the art in the different fields, as well as round tables and sessions organized to introduce the participants to current developments. Among the topics to be covered are recent developments concerning Ricci flow, nonlinear wave equations, wave maps, the Penrose inequality, and the constraint equations and initial value problem for the Einstein equations.

The conference hosts about 50 participants.

Plenary Speakers:

  • Matt Choptuik (UBC)
  • George F. R. Ellis (Cape Town & Queen Mary)
  • Gerhard Huisken (Albert Einstein Institute)
  • Sergiu Klainerman (Princeton)
  • Igor Rodnianski (Princeton)
  • Rick Schoen (Stanford)
  • Daniel Tataru (Berkeley)
  • Gang Tian (Princeton)
  • John Wainwright (Waterloo)

Session Organizers:

  • Michael Dafermos (MIT), Lars Andersson (Miami), Mathematical GR
  • Mike Holst (UCSD), Numerical Relativity
  • Jim Isenberg (Oregon), Geometric Analysis
  • Tom Sideris (UCSB), Nonlinear Waves