Workshop on Gauge Theory

Dates: April 18-22, 2022
Location: Royal Palm South Beach Miami, Miami Beach, FL

Organized by Nikolai Saveliev and Christopher Scaduto

This workshop will be held in connection with the FRG project supported by the NSF Grant DMS-1952762 FRG: Collaborative Research in Gauge Theory. It will host the principal investigators on the grant and several invited researchers and will cover a variety of topics in low-dimensional topology, gauge theory, and Floer homology.

Among invited speakers is Dr. Tomasz Mrowka from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who will give a short course. Other speakers will be determined during the workshop.

The Program (morning talks begin at 9:30am)

Monday: Dunfield, Scaduto, Wang
Tuesday: Sivek, Baldwin
Wednesday:  Mrowka, Ruberman, Stoffregen
Thursday: Mrowka, Daemi, Auckly
Friday: Mrowka, Imori

The participants will include:

David Auckly – Kansas State University
Ken Baker – University of Miami
John Baldwin – Boston College
Aliakbar Daemi – Washington University St. Louis
Joshua Drouin – Kansas State University
Nathan Dunfield – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Malcolm Gabbard – Kansas State University
Hayato Imori – Kyoto University
Tom Leness – Florida International University
Zedan Liu – University of Miami
Tom Mrowka – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Juanita Pinzon Caicedo – University of Notre Dame
Daniel Ruberman – Brandeis University
Nikolai Saveliev – University of Miami
Christopher Scaduto – University of Miami
Steven Sivek – Imperial College London
Matthew Stoffregen – Michigan State University
Joshua Wang – Harvard University