Workshop on Spatial Ecology

Workshop on Spatial Ecology:
The Interplay between Theory and Data

January 7 - 10, 2005

About the Workshop:

Purpose: The Institute of Theoretical and Mathematical Ecology (ITME) at the University of Miami is an interdisciplinary venture being formed by faculty from the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Biology in the College of Arts and Sciences and from the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. The workshop is the inaugural conference for the Institute and will be held at the Rosenstiel campus on Key Biscayne January 7-10, 2005. The purpose of the Institute is to address the urgent need for focusing the combined intellect of mathematicians, computer scientists, and ecologists on significant ecological and environmental problems in both the pure and applied realms in terrestrial, marine, and tropical ecosystems. The Institute aims to create a distinctive intellectual environment in which the traditional gulf between mathematical and empirical ecology is overcome. The aim of the conference is to bring together approximately 50 leading researchers in various aspects of spatial ecology ranging from the very mathematical and theoretical to the very empirical and data driven for four days of spirited interaction.

Sponsored By:
College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Miami
Rosentiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, The University of Miami
Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy, The University of Miami

Participation: Participation is by invitation in general. However, any researcher (especially graduate students and recent Ph.D.'s) active in this field and interested in attending the conference is encouraged to contact the organizers.

Organizing Committee: Stephen Cantrell (Mathematics), Chris Cosner (Mathematics), Shigui Ruan (Mathematics), Don DeAngelis (Biology), Carol Horvitz (Biology), Dilip Sarkar (Computer Science), Jerry Ault (RSMAS), Don Olson (RSMAS).

For Additional Information Contact: Dr. Stephen Cantrell (, Dr. Chris Cosner (, or Dr. Donald Olson (